CSA courses

Dr Muhammed Akunjee and Dr Nazmul Akunjee are both GP facilitators and communication skills lecturers on the CSAprep course. This is an MRCGP clinical skills assessment examination preparation course for GP registrars. The CSA course is designed to help prepare the next generation of general practitioners to be excellent physicians whilst also being good communicators by both listening as well as being able to explain things to their patients.

MRCGP CSA exam preparation courses

18 cases 6 goes each 4 csa actors
  • The CSA course contains 18 CSA cases for GP registrars to role-play with professionally trained CSA medically trained actors
  • Each candidate has at least 6 attempts each
  • We use 4 professional medically trained actors to roleplay patients for their simulated surgery/consultations
  • Candidates receive feedback from both GP facilitators regarding their communication and management skills 
  • We offer presentations and group sessions to go through the communications skills required to pass the MRCGP exams. They also go through common reasons for failing the CSA exam and top tips to pass the MRCGP exam.
  • 2 x CSA books worth £75 given free on the day of the course.

For further information visit the CSA course website. They have written lots of articles to help GP trainees through their GP VTS training (GP ST1, ST2, ST3) as well as created simulated MRCGP CSA cases for GP registrars to role play friends or colleagues. 

The GP facilitators have written two CSA books to help GP registrars pass their exams. These include the CSA books: MRCGP CSA cases and the CSA books: CSA symptom solver, 1000 pages of material covering clinical frameworks to approach common symptoms as well as communication skills that are required for the CSA exam. 

mrcgp csa books

Other CSA books to consider include CSA scenarios for MRCGP, CSA revision notes for MRCGP, The MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) Workbook

The GP facilitators and CSA Prep have also created a free iPad and iPhone app for GP trainees to use and practice simulated CSA cases under exam conditions. It also offers useful information regarding necessary communication skills and information about the CSA exam

download mrcgp csa course prep

Other CSA courses include the RCGPultimate CSAemedicapennineOther good CSA cases material can be found on CSA Preppenniesbradford VTS and GP online. A guide as to what to expect on the CSA can be found on GP online.

Other information about the MRCGP CSA exam can be obtained from the RCGP website