In order to register with the GP surgery, you should bring your NHS Medical card or your NHS number to the surgery, and you will be allocated a GP/doctor. If you would prefer to see a particular doctor, we will do our best to respect your wishes. If you do not have a medical card a form can be provided. If you are on medication, please bring a repeat prescription so in can be updated on our system. 

Please ensure you know the following details

- Full name, including previous names 
- Date and place of birth 
- Last address 
- New address and post code 
- Last name and address of your previous Doctor 
- NHS number if known (different to your National Insurance number)
- Date you first came to live in the UK (if you have come from another country)

Please note that if you are registering more than one adult then each adult has to come into the practice in person. You cannot bring in completed forms and ID on behalf of another adult.

Download Forms

Registration Times
If you wish to register at the practice please attend the surgery at the times below in order for our staff to offer you their unreserved attention. Unfortunately, we cannot register patients outside these times due to our receptionists  being busy serving patients.

 Morning   Evening 
 12pm - 3:30 pm  5:30pm - 7:00 pm
 Tuesday  12pm - 3:30 pm   3:30pm - 5:40 pm 
 Wednesday  12pm - 3:30 pm  5:30pm - 6:30 pm
 Thursday  9am - 1:00 pm   Closed
 Friday  12pm - 3:30 pm  5:30pm - 6:30 pm

Child Registration
if you are registering your child we would require that at least one parent or guardian to be registered along with them. Please bring your child's birth certificate or passport to confirm registration. Also please would you bring the child's red book to update our records of your child's immunisation status. \

In order to speed up the registration process could you please if possible bring their NHS medical card or NHS number. If not the practice can make attempts to find your NHS number on your behalf however it may result in a short delay.

Family Registration
The practice has a long history of registering families together with the same doctor. We think this helps our work as family doctors, by allowing doctors and families to get to know each other. 

Catchment area
West green surgery registers patients within the below catchment area. You can check if live within our catchment area by putting your post code within the catchment area tool. Please check that you are within the below area before attending to register as we do not accept patients outside this perimeter

west green catchment area

Change of address
If you change address or move outside the Haringey area, you may be asked to change practice.