COVID 19 vaccination

COVID19 Vaccination clinic

The COVID19 vaccination is available in small numbers and has been prioritised by the NHS for

  • Those who are over 70

  • Not housebound

Patients who are housebound will be contacted and given a vaccination by a different service/pathway. Wait to be contacted by the NHS


You are unable to get the flu jab if you have had:

  • The flu jab in last 7 days

  • Have a history of an anaphylaxis (SEVERE reaction) as a result of any vaccine, medicine or food

  • Pregnant, breast feeding or trying to conceive next 2mths

  • Anti-coagulation - if on warfarin they need to be in target range and had a recent blood test by the service

Complete Online Vaccination Health Questionnaire


The vaccination is given at Morris House Group Practice, 239 Lordship Lane, Haringey, London, N17 6AA

Booking an appointment

  • Appointments are booked via reception at west green surgery once you have completed the online form

      • You will need to organise your own transport to the site

      • They will be asked to wait for 15 minutes after the vaccination for observation

      • Patients should be available for 2nd vaccine 21 days later that is booked by hub

      • If booked for 9am slot, patient to come at 8.45am

Cancelling your appointment

If you have been given an appointment you can cancel by calling: 07584182581 or 07584182181