The General Practice Awards multi-Finalists & Winner

Finalists for Clincial team for the Year for Long Term Conditions

Finalists for Clincial team for the Year for Respiratory conditions

Finalists for Clincial team for the Year for Paediatrics

Winner for Clincial team for the Year for Respiratory conditions

General Practice Awards 2014 Finalists: In 2014 they have been nominated for Clinical Team of the Year for Long Term Conditions. The Award recognises and highlights the great work being carried out by the healthcare professionals at the practice for managing chronic disease such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and heart failure. The practice has managed to increase prevalence of their chronic disease whilst also improving health outcomes. The practice successfully used SMSs to inform patients about their and blood tests and signposted them to self help management in order to improve health care outcomes. They have also had a number of articles published on their innovative work improving access for patients in primary care using SMS as a means to contact patients both in GP online and medeconomics

General Practice Awards 2015 Finalists: In 2015 they have also been nominated for Clinical Team of the Year for Respiratory conditions for their work on creating new respiratory pathways amalgamating latest guidelines for clinicians as well digital patient focused care plans for Asthma and COPD for elderly patients. They have helped improve patient understanding and concordance of their medication and designed to reduce hospital admissions. The care plans were later commissioned across the East of Haringey across 20+ practices to help improve clinical outcomes.

General Practice Awards 2016 Winner: In 2016 they were nominated for Clinical Team of the Year for Paediatrics & Clinical team of the Year for Respiratory conditions for their work on creating live popups that alert the clinician of how many antibiotics a child may have received in one year. This has helped reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing significantly whilst improving clinical safety in the practice. On the day they were announced as winners within the domain of respiratory team of the year.

Caradoc GP Practice of the Year award

caradoc gp practice awards 2015

West Green surgery were announced as the winners of the national Caradoc GP Practice of the Year award. The prize recognises the innovative ways of working within the practice to tackle the number of pressures in primary care such as an ageing population with growing co-morbidities. The practice have successfully created personalised chronic disease care plans (such as diabetes) that help improve the patient's understanding and promote self care.

GP practice of the year caradoc  

National HSJ value awards

hSJ value award 2016

West green surgery has been successfully shortlisted for the extremely competitive and respected national HSJ value awards under two domains. They are finalists for the domain of communication by showing evidence of improving communication with patients by using innovative approaches to communicating with ‘hard to reach’ groups, developing a series of clear messages, and tailoring them for different stakeholder groups as well as using a variety of communication methods, based on the needs of target audiences. They went on win second place at the prestigious awards - highly recommended.

They were also the finalists in domain West green surgery of pharmacy and medicine optimisation. They had shown evidence of supporting to help patients better understand their medications, and how best to take them, effective use of IT to support better value in pharmacy and medicines as well as demonstrable improvements in value through pharmacy or medicines optimisation

Patient Safety Congress Awards

patient safety awards 2016

West green surgery were also the finalist in two domains for the Patient Safety Congress Awards. This is in recognition of their work in clinical safety in long term conditions as well as Improving Safety in Medicines Management. They were able to show innovative approaches towards clinical and patient centred care as well as medical prescribing that would result in improved clinical outcomes as well as safe prescribing of medication for patients

Health Business Awards

healthcare business award

The practice also were finalist for the Healthcare IT award for 2016. The Awards have an established reputation for showcasing the success stories in the health care sector. The Health Business Awards recognised the significant contribution made by west green surgery as well as individuals within the practice in the domain of innovations in IT. It acknowledge the implementation of an excellent IT project that demonstrated clear cost benefits to the wider NHS.

The National Primary Care Awards

the national primary care awards

West green surgery received a commendation in the domain of pathway innovation of the year for 2016 for their work in managing chronic diseases in the primary care. They have done some great work in improving outcomes with their patients with long term conditions particularly in diabetes and asthma. They created  care plans that auto-populated with the patient’s most uptodate clinical records (medical problems, allergies, blood tests, BMI, smoking status) providing a live record. Since this is automated, this saves significantly the health professional’s time from writing out such information and reduce risk of errors.

NHS Haringey CCG innovation awards


  general practice awards 2015 finalists  


haringey innovation award   

Haringey CCG Innovative Clinical Care First Prize: Congratulations to the staff at West Green surgery for achieving first prize in the Haringey CCG innovation awards 2015 under the domain of innovative clinical care for their work in creating a patient focused digital care plan to reduce unplanned admissions into hospital. The project digitalised the care plan on the GP practice's IT system permitting it to be easily shared with the patient and with community services. It permits the care plan to be rapidly updated with ease with the patient's most uptodate medical problems, medications and allergies saving the clinician time and reducing the chance of clerical errors. Due to its success it has been rolled across all 42 practices in Haringey. 

Haringey CCG Innovative GP access Runner Up:
They also achieved runner-up for the domain of innovation in primary care access for their work on contacting patients by SMS with their abnormal results and offering immediate health advice to reduce unnecessary appointments. The practice created proactively contacted patient's via SMS of the results of the blood tests whilst signposting them to online literature on self care management. Where further investigations was needed patients were informed to collect further blood tests from the practice prior to seeing the doctor so that all relevant investigations have been conducted, saving valuable appointments and patient's time. The awards recognise the excellent work being done by all the staff at the practice.

BMA Medical books awards

The Doctors at west green surgery have been recently awarded highly commended in the British Medical Association (BMA) medical book award 2013 under the category of Medicine for their book, 'Clinical Skills Explained from basics to OSCEs'  designed for medical students and junior doctors. They have in total written 6 medical text books of which 3 were BMA award winning. They have also written books for junior GPs registrars to help them pass their MRCGP CSA exams called 'MRCGP CSA Cases: Practice CSA cases and communication skills'. They have also written a further CSA book called the 'MRCGP CSA symptom solver.'  csa cases mrcgp

clinical skills explained  osce communications skills 

RCGP GP Registrar Roche award

Muhammed Akunjee was the winner of the Royal College of General Practice (RCGP) GP registrar award in 2006. It was awarded for his insightful paper on the use of medical jargon in Ophthalmologic Correspondence with GPs which was later published in the Journal of Quality in Primary Care. Dr Akunjee identified the use of medical jargon used in ophthalmologist-GP correspondence that led towards confusion and potentially clinical errors. The research paper identified that health professionals should avoid using acronyms in their correspondence and should be replaced with full procedural detail of the term and that GPs should continue to keep abreast of all ophthalmology terms through self directed or continued medical education.

GP First5 Enterprise Awards

Nazmul Akunjee was a finalist for the Royal College of General Practice (RCGP) GP enterprise First5 awards in 2014. The award was for demonstrating a positive and innovative impact upon the National Health Service (NHS) and working to improve clinical care & patient services or healthcare systems. He has been helping GP registrars through medical education pass their MRCGP exit exams whilst also working for Haringey CCG to improving health outcomes across the borough. He had led on work to improve early identification of hypertension and ischaemic heart disease in Haringey as well as help create locally formed dashboards of clinical data to identify and share good practice across the borough

PHCSG John Perry Early Career award

Nazmul Akunjee was the winner of the PHCSG (Primary Health Care Specialist Group of the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT) John Perry Early Career award. It recognises innovation and excellence in Primary Care Computing. It was awarded for making an outstanding contribution to the subject and his paper on the benefits of integrating chronic disease care plans and clinical templates with GP IT systems 


75 & over Chronic Disease Care Plans

West green surgery have pioneered the creation of chronic disease care plans for the 75 and over. The care plans are focused on helping patients better understand their chronic disease i.e. asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, hypertension and heart failure. The care plans involving having a detailed discussion with the patient and involving them in their care by setting achievable goals and creating a shared plan for the year of care. The care plans include jargon free explanations about their chronic disease with information of how they can best manage it through self help. It is also auto-populated with the patient's medical details and latest investigations allowing them to be in the driving seat of their health. It also informs them of symptoms to observe for if their condition were to deteriorate and when to seek medical advice. The care plans have also been translated into Somali and Turkish and have been disseminated across more than 20 practices in the most deprived part of Haringey by Haringey CCG to improve patient understanding and achieve better health outcomes.

asthma action plan   diabetes care plan

Antibiotic prescribing care plans & GP alerts

antibiotic care plans alerts and prescribing

With the help of Dr Naveid Arshad, the clinicians at West green surgery were able to create digital antibiotic care plans that inform patients regarding their illnesses, prognosis and red flags symptoms to look out for in order for the patient to be reviewed again. This along with GP IT notification and alerts of frequent antibiotic prescribing reduced the practice antibiotic prescribing significantly. The innovation had won at the Haringey CCG innovation awards.

Federative working in the SE of Haringey

telephone federation

West green surgery had helped create a new piloted service for patients in the South East of Haringey. It offers a same day or prebooked telephone appointment with a senior doctor who works within one of the practices in the SE of Haringey. The doctor, with your consent, will have full access to your medical records and recent investigations allowing for continuity within the consultation. The doctor will be able to speak to you on the phone and deal with your problem as if you were talking to a doctor within your own practice. The piloted service will be running for 6 months until the end of June 2015. Surgeries in the south east are federating and working together to improve clinical care and access to primary care services.