Smoking status
The surgery would like to update our records of your smoking status. This is because it can have a wide impact on other parts of your health. Please complete the below questionnaire

If you wish to stop smokng
If you do and wish to cut down or stop ring 020 8885 9095 or visit the One You Haringey website

One You

Impact of smoking 
Every cigarette is harmful to your body. 

Smoking can affect your circulation making your blood thicker and more likely to form clots, narrow your arteries and making it more likely to have heart attacks and strokes

It can also increase the risk fo developing cancers including lung, stomach, skin, mouth, throat and kidney cancer.   

Smoking can worsen asthma and cause chest infections, permanent lung damage such as COPD. COPD is where there is progressive damage to the lining of the lung that makes it harder to breathe causing coughs and phelgm. 

It can also affect your bones making them more brittle (osteoporosis), more likely to develop vascular dementia and brain aneurysm. It can also cause staining of the teeth and gum disease. 

Smoking cal also affect your reproduction and fertility. In men it can affect the blood vessels causing impotence whilst also reducing sperm count and causing testicular cancer. For women it is known to reduce fertility making it harder to conceive. Smoking can also increase the risk of cervical cancer and lead to miscarriages, premature birth and stillbirth.