Medical reports

Request for medical report

The practice offers medical reports for their registered patients that offer a detailed summary of your health taking into account how your health has affected you and your quality of living. Such reports fall outside the work commissioned by the NHS and therefore considered private with fee chargable. For more information regarding fees for non-NHS work please read:

To complete an application for a medical report please complete the online medical report request. Please contact reception first to get a reference number and payment details

Please complete the form below ONLY if you have completed payment AND given a reference no.

Housing medical report

The practice does not offer housing reports however we do offer patient's medical reports stating facts related to your health. Patients have used these medical reports in their application or appeal to Haringey's housing department.

We are, however, unable to offer recommendations to the housing authority regarding premise or adaptations as these are often conducted independently by them. For more information please visit the Haringey Council housing application website.

If you still require a medical report please complete the below form and bring to reception with payment. Medical reports are private and not included as NHS work. Fees chargeable as per link above and form below.

Certificates & disability benefits forms

To apply for some permits and benefits, your doctor needs to fill in and sign certain forms. These include forms for those claiming incapacity and disability benefits. Two forms need to be completed, one by the patient and the other by the doctor, which are then required to be sent off separately.

From November the 1st 2008, application forms for the European Blue badge Parking Permits and Freedom pass permits for the disabled will no longer be filled in by your doctor. Instead, the department of social services will arrange for each applicant to have a medical examination by an independent doctor. Please click on the highlighted text to check if you are eligible for these benefits, as our doctors may refuse to fill in the forms if you are not entitled to them.

Letters for work/university/school

If you require a letter stating a fact or illness ie for work, university or school, please contact the surgery to best advise you how to proceed. Doctors during clinical appointments will not be able to facilitate this request and will advise you to speak to the receptionist. For more information please read our page on fees for non-NHS work


Passport signing requests

We do not complete naturalisation forms for patients applying to become British Citizens since the government had changed the regulations as to who can. To find out who can fill these forms please visit the Home Office website for British Citizenship