Breast screen

Breast screening clinic

Screening and mammography for breast cancer is part of the NHS screening practice for women aged between 50 and 70 years old. You should be contacted shortly after turning 50yrs of age.

However, if you are not yet 50 but have a family history of breast cancer or any new suspicious features, then we will assess you and refer you appropriately.

For more details please check the The North London Breast Screening Service. Women are sent an appointment with the option to telephone and re-arrange the time if necessary.

Women over 70 can still be screened but only if they telephone to arrange an appointment. The breast screening website allows patients to access further information about screening and check when their GP practice is next due to be screened. There is also general information about screening, frequently asked question.

Ring - Breast screening 0203 758 2024

If you have missed your appointment and have your screening letter you can rebook online. You may need your screening reference number of your NHS number

Locations to where you can have your breast screening such as North Middlesex hospital or Edgeware