BCG vaccination

Getting the BCG vaccination

From 1st September 2020 the way the NHS deliver BCG vaccine to babies in London has changed:

  • Neonatal BCG vaccine will no longer be available to all babies; instead it will be offered to those babies who are most at risk of tuberculosis (TB);

  • Neonatal BCG vaccine will no longer be delivered in maternity units. Babies who are eligible for BCG will be referred to community vaccination clinics to be vaccinated.

The national BCG immunisation programme is delivered as a risk-based programme. Ie only those at higher risk of TB may be eligible for it. Please follow the criteria below


  • Does your baby, the baby's mother, father, grandparents or anyone who lives with you come from a country with a high rate of TB?

  • Will you and your baby be going to live or stay with friends and family in one of these countries?

    • if Yes then is the trip for 3months or more?

  • Has anyone who lives with you or spends a lot of time with your baby had TB now or in the past?

    • if Yes, do they have TB now or in the past 5 years?

  • Do you live in the London Borough of Newham?

Self refer

As per the new BCG pathway parents can self refer their baby to their community provider for the BCG Vaccination.


Whittington Health, Child Development Centre, M2 Ward, St Ann's Hospital, St Ann's Road, N15 3TH


North Middlesex University Hospital North Middlesex University Hospital, Sterling Way, London N18 1QX


Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL) Belsize Priory Clinic 208 Belsize Road, London NW6 4DX