Self-Refer / Self-Help

Self refer to some of Haringey's clinical services without having to see the GP. This will save you time and reduce delay in getting an appointment with the service you want. Visit the following pages for more information for self referral


Self refer to the Haringey musculoskeletal service and save yourself time to book an appointment with the GP. They also manage pain (pain clinic, organise investigations (x-ray, MRI) and hospital referral if required

Get help to stop smoking

Get support for weight and exercise

Mental health

Counselling for adults & children

Bereavement advice and resources

Domestic violence support

Sexual health

Self refer for a full sexual health check up

Have implants, coils or request for emergency contraception

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Self refer for antenatal (pregnancy)

Self refer if pain or bleeding in pregnancy

Get support for breastfeeding


Support for alcohol or drugs use

Details of locally held GP situated Citizen Advise Bureau

Locations of food banks run by volunteers

Gambling & Gaming addiction

Local communities services and sites

Help for carers including financial

Services for cancer suffers

Children & Babies

How to request for healthy vitamins

Locally held baby weighting clinics

Self refer to Haringey health visitor service

How to self refer for the BCG vaccination

Vaccination information / Catch-Up Clinics

Cancer screening

Details how to have breast screening

Details how to have bowel screening

Other Services