Physiotherapy services

You can now self refer yourself to Haringey's Whittington Health physiotherapy. Services offered include advice and information, soft tissue mobilisation, teaching of exercises, joint injections and chronic back pain service. They also offer group rehabilitation for knee and back as well as general exercise classes. For more information visit the Whittington MSK physiotherapy website. You can access the service if you are a registered patient in Haringey. For patient leaflets for common MSK conditions including in the turkish language.

Included below are a set of videos to help you self care and perform physio and exercises at home. These videos are for advice only. If you experience pain or discomfort, please stop the exercise immediately and speak to your physiotherapist.

Visit - Patient Videos

Below are a set of leaflet that can better inform you of the common musculoskeletal conditions and how best to treat them. A selection included below

Visit - More patient leaflets

Visit - Whittington Physiotherapy website

Visit - Info about self referral

Ring - General physiotherapy queries 020 3224 4789

Email -

Ring - New referrals 020 3316 1111

Email - Physiotherapy self-referral form

The form can be emailed to, posted to the Central Referrals Team (address on the form) or handed into one of our Physiotherapy departments listed on the form