TB clinic


You can now self refer to the Whittington hospital TB service by visiting the TB service website.

The specialist medical and nursing teams use the latest methods to test and treat adults and children with suspected or known tuberculosis (TB). TB can cause serious health problems, but it is curable with proper treatment.

What do they do

They provide care for all patients with TB or suspected TB including specialist care of patients with multidrug resistant TB (MDR TB), TB in children and those with HIV-TB.

They provide full diagnostic and treatment outpatient services (treatment that does not require an overnight stay). The specialist team provides advice and care for those patients who are admitted to hospital with TB.

They offer TB incident investigation and screening of people who have been in contact with TB. The team has outreach workers and a social care team to support patients with TB to successfully complete their treatment.

All of our patients are assigned a named case worker to ensure personalised and effective care. Treatment is provided regardless of immigration status.

Ring - 020 7288 3366

Place - TB Service North Central London. Level 3, Kenwood Wing, Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, London N19 5NF

Walkin - Monday 1-4:30pm and Friday 9am-1pm